6 Best Mobile Apps for Construction Professionals

Construction mobile appsIf you work in construction you are familiar with the pressure to produce more while saving time and money in an effort to increase the bottom line. Using mobile technologies to increase productivity has become a necessity to reach that goal. The nature of construction is that you are often working remote at the job site.

You need tools to help you achieve your goals and stay productive when you are out of the office. We’ve compiled a list of the best construction productivity tools to use on the job site. If you’re looking for mobile apps to help you save time and money, check out these construction calculators, collaboration software options, safety incident reporting tools and more:

Mobile Application: Scoop MAE Platform
Developer: Trusterra Technologies Inc.
Cost: Free to users with a Scoop account
Description: The Scoop MAE app is a tool that enables field data collection so your workforce can report safety issues via images, audio, text and video. These in-field reports can be sent to management, team members or head office, enabling a time-saving, simple process which can prevent costly work stoppages and potential injuries. When a user sees an issue, they can use the Scoop app to fill out the customized form or checklist, add photos or videos from the field and then notify the right people who need to be involved.
Scoop App Overview Video:

Mobile Application: SmartBidNet
Developer: JBKnowledge Technologies
Cost: Free
Description: SmartBidNet is a construction bid management tool that keeps you in charge while centralizing and simplifying vendor interactions. This application allows you, the bid manager, to access your private network of subcontractors and view them organized by the services they provide to ensure that bids target qualified and licensed companies you approve. The goal is to build a network of approved subcontractors and vendors that will be available to submit proposals for future construction projects. Your private generated database of people and companies is securely available on your iPhone 24/7 to ensure you never lose touch with those you depend on.

Mobile Application: Pitch Gauge
Developer: Prolific Methods Incorporated
Cost: Free
Description: Use Pitch Gauge™ to calculate the total size and slope of any roof. It includes two digital slope finders and a square calculator. Find slopes without ever leaving the ground using camera-mode. Then, take a picture with the pitch reading and current address stamped onto it, and attach it to an email for your own or your insurance company’s documentation.

Mobile Application: iBluePrint
Developer: Local Slacks
Cost: $0.99
Description: iBlueprint allows users to create and export a custom floor plan of any structure. This tool offers general contractors the on-site opportunity to create, save and export detailed blueprints in a straightforward and efficient manner.

Mobile Application: PunchLists
Developer: Smartools LLC
Cost: $9.99
Description: Remove the hassle of downloading photos, re-typing notes and composing a layout. PunchLists compiles all the photos and notes into a simple pre-formatted layout, ready to email from the construction site.

Mobile Application: Construction Master Pro
Developer: Calculated Industries
Cost: $19.99
Description: Advanced Feet Inch Fraction Construction Math Calculator for Contractors. Need to quickly and accurately solve a construction problem when meeting with a client? Left your calculator in the truck? Just pull out your iPhone or iPad, tap on the Construction Master Pro icon, and you’ll have an answer in seconds.

Now that you are aware of some of the best mobile apps for construction folks, you’re ready to start saving time and money while on location at your construction job site.

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