Construction Bids and Estimates for Temporary Site Services

New Bid & Estimating Desk Team at United Site Services Provides Accurate Estimates for Your Next Construction Project

Construction projects are complex undertakings typically involving multiple bids from multiple companies including vendors, contractors, and subcontractors. Even when all the players are responsive and transparent, the process of getting pre-bid quotes from multiple entities drives up “soft” costs.

Juggling multiple pre-bid estimates also increases the chance that your project estimates may not be correct. For example, it is often the case that pre-bid estimates for temporary site services such as fence are not accurate because formulas, used as part of general conditions, are used in lieu of actual pricing.

Add to your bid invite list and get an estimate for your next project.


USS Offers a Better Way to Get Accurate Project Estimates

USS is committed to removing as much friction as possible from the estimating process with respect to the equipment we supply for construction projects including portable restrooms, hand hygiene solutions, temporary fence, trailers and more.

To help make your pre-construction process easier we have recently launched our Bid & Estimating Desk, a dedicated team of experts ready to provide accurate estimates for all our equipment needed for your construction projects.


The Bid & Estimating Desk will:

  1. Provide a convenient one-stop-shop for all your temporary site service needs, eliminating the need to obtain multiple bids from different vendors.
  2. Plan the right mix of equipment for your project with the optimal service frequency schedule for the equipment.
  3. Offer accurate pre-bid estimates through the creation of a comprehensive, detailed proposal designed to meet the needs of your project, whatever its size might be.

Make our Bid & Estimating Desk Do the Work For You

We strongly encourage you to make full use of our Bid & Estimating Desk. Getting accurate estimates before breaking ground is the best way to ensure that your construction project is completed on-time and on-budget. Having a one-stop-shop acting on your behalf will spare you the headaches of multiple bid juggling and reduce your project’s soft costs.

Bid estimates are available in more than 130+ locations across 28 states.

Add to your bid invite list today. With just one email, our dedicated team will meet your private or public construction project needs.


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