You Deserve Cleaner Portable Restrooms

Did you know that the biggest difference between an indoor restroom and a portable restroom at a construction site or music festival isn’t the location but the number of times they’re cleaned? Porta potties don’t have to be gross! Just take it from John Porter, the porta potty expert on a mission to ensure portable restrooms are cleaned to the same standard as any other permanent restroom.

Porta potties are gross because the current cleaning standards are too low. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) mandates that a single portable toilet can serve up to 20 people if it’s cleaned once a week. That’s nowhere near enough.

Do the math. The average American uses the restroom, on average, 6 to 7 times a day. Now, let’s consider what this once a week cleaning means for construction crews working on a job site.  Let’s assume that any given worker on a busy, 20 person job site will use their single, OSHA-mandated portable restroom unit 3 times a day (with the other uses being at home). If even half of those 20 workers use the unit 3 times in a given workday, that’s 30 uses per day, which, when multiplied by a 5-day workweek, equals 150 uses between cleanings.

150 uses. Let’s not imagine how dire the situation in that portable restroom can get toward the end of that 5-day work week.  Would this kind of situation be tolerated in an indoor toilet you’d find at a restaurant, office building, or even a gas station? No way.  These restrooms are cleaned daily, if not more frequently than that!

No single person is to blame for today’s smelly, messy state of affairs when it comes to porta potty cleanliness standards. The decision-makers who arrange to rent portable restrooms don’t actually intend to create such gross conditions. They’re just not aware that the guidelines they are following simply aren’t enough.

Maintaining a safe and clean environment is vital to fight against the spread of disease and keep people healthy and safe.  Decision-makers can do their part by providing access to sinks and hand sanitizer as well as ensuring that high-touch areas such as the interior surfaces of portable restrooms are disinfected regularly.

As the largest portable sanitation provider in the United States, it is our duty to show the world that porta potties don’t have to be gross. When you rent porta potties from USS, we keep them cleaner with high frequency servicing of at least 2x per week so when nature calls you can do your business in a comfortable and healthy environment.

Here’s how you can join the fight for cleaner porta potties:

  1. Sign the petition at Add your voice to those working to eliminate “the gross”,as John Porter puts it,through more frequent portable restroom cleaning.
  2. Post the petition URL on your social media channels. Spread the word and share our petition URL with your family and friends.
  3. If you work at a company running events or setting up job sites and want to show that you really care about health and safety, choose a portable restroom rental company like United Site Services that has the scale to deliver more frequent cleanings.

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