Ensuring You Have Enough Portable Toilets at Your Event

Wheelchair access portable toiletWhile it might seem like something trivial at first, not having enough portable toilets at your event can cause big problems. Other than not being clean, one of the things people complain the most about when it comes to portable toilet rentals is having to wait too long at an event to actually use a toilet. Making people wait in lines at your event can actually cause additional problems in the end. If you are looking into renting portable toilets, the first thing you should do is use our event planning calculator. You will be able to find the information you need to rent quality portable toilets that will get the job done at the event.

The easiest way to look at the problem is that you can never have too many portable toilet rentals on site at your event. If it is a large event, there will always be people that will need to use a toilet, and as a result, people will usually have to wait in line to use one of the porta potties. This will end up causing additional problems because people will miss out on parts of the event due to waiting in line to use the bathroom. From a customer service standpoint, this is not good as it simply gives people yet another thing to complain about afterwards. There is nothing worse at an event than missing something you were really looking forward to just because you had to wait in a long line at the bathroom.

If the event is outside, this also opens up the door to a new series of problems, especially for the males. If the line is too long and people do not want to miss out, many people will turn to simply not using the portable toilet and instead finding another place to use the bathroom. This creates obvious problems, especially if the event is being attended by people of all ages. Simply put, it is not a problem that you as an event organizer will want to deal with. At the end of the day, having too many on-site portable toilets is never a problem. If they are not used, you avoided a problem to begin with. The job of the event coordinator is to make sure that everything is going smoothly and to plan. Making sure there are enough portable toilets on site at the event is part of the job.

If you are in doubt of how many portable toilets you should have at your event, look online at our porta john rental calculator and go from there. You should consider how big the event is in terms of people and how spread out it is. You will obviously need more portable toilets if the event is being attended by a big number of people, and furthermore, you will want to make sure that the toilets are spread out through the event. That way, people will not have to walk far to find a bathroom to use.

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