Explore the Best Fencing Options for Your Job Site

Work Safe. Work Hard.

When it comes to safety and efficiency on the construction job site, temporary fencing is often preferred because it allows for easy installation and it can be moved quickly and easily. Additionally, temporary construction fencing may be required by law and can help protect the work site from theft and unauthorized access. Temporary fencing may also help protect nearby pedestrians and vehicles from debris and dust that active construction sites can create.

Here at USS, we understand our customers’ needs and offer a range of fence options to choose from. When you bundle multiple services from us, you could save on your costs.

Let’s look at the various fence products we offer and how best to make a selection based on fencing functionality, ease of setup, breakdown, and storage amongst others.

  • Fencing Panels
    • Temporary Fence Panels have become the first choice of many contractors and construction companies.
    • Durable steel chain link fencing that minimizes customer liability damage risk.
    • Ideal for construction projects and permanent outdoor business locations.
    • Flexible; easy to move.
  • Post Driven Fencing
    • Posts are pounded 2′ deep into the ground to stand firm in the roughest conditions.
    • Installation can be done on any surface: dirt, asphalt or concrete.
  • Private/Privacy Screens
    • These types of screens add privacy, security from the wind, and dust control to temporary fence rentals.
    • They offer a neutral background and professional appearance for job sites.
  • Barricade Fencing
    • A smart, viable alternative for security at a work site, and is affordable and efficient. The fencing can cover as much or as little as you need, is easy to install, and is flexible in that it’s not permanent.
    • Helps with parking configurations at a work site. Temporary fencing will help organize and steer people in the right direction regarding where they should park.
    • Provides pedestrian safety, and helps to direct pedestrian traffic. Similar to how temporary fencing helps with parking, it also helps guide pedestrians to safe walkways or paths surrounding or within the work site.
    • Restricts access to any areas for an event where there is no admittance/entrance allowed, eliminating danger.

In summary, temporary fencing:

  • Promotes safety
  • Offers security
  • Is a great platform for signage (can hang signage on fencing such as hard hat area warnings, or prosecution notices to criminals or trespassers)
  • Helps construction companies and contractors to meet legal requirements for fencing
  • Meets budget needs by offering fencing options at affordable rates

United Site Services, the nation’s leader in the portable toilet and temporary fence rental services, offers many temporary fencing options such as fencing panels, post driven fencing, privacy screens and more. Explore all our temporary fencing options. Or if you are ready, get started with a quote now.

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