Hurricane Prep for Construction Site Managers

If you live in the Eastern US or Gulf states, you are well aware that hurricane season is upon us. If you have not already done so, it’s time to put a hurricane safety plan in place for your construction site in the event that a hurricane watch or warning is issued. Creating a safety strategy before you need to use it lowers your company’s risk of experiencing unnecessary damage and helps prevent injuries. Implementing these measures can make a huge difference for your construction sites and how well they make it through the storm.

Storm conditionsA hurricane watch is broadcasted to the public when the storm is expected to arrive within 48 hours. If a warning is issued, you can expect hurricane conditions to arrive within 36 hours. Either way, you need to move quickly to secure everything from being moved around.

Preparing Your Construction Site for Harsh Weather
In order to prevent injuries to your construction workers and individuals who are just passing by, you should take each of the following precautions when the potential threat of a hurricane is announced:

  • Prepare to shut down all operations at least 36 hours prior to the storm’s intended landfall
  • Notify your subcontractors that you are calling a temporary halt to all work
  • Store all construction equipment and supplies inside buildings if possible
  • Tie down or band together all equipment, tools, supplies and materials that cannot be secured indoors
  • Secure construction debris
  • Secure all signage safely indoors if possible or tie it down if it cannot be moved easily
  • Take a few moments to double check that all heavy-duty equipment and scaffolding supplies are properly secured to withstand the conditions a hurricane or strong storm will bring
  • Turn off the access points for all utilities
  • Make sure that the documentation for your valuables is securely locked away. Consider taking pictures on your phone for additional proof that you have certain possessions
  • If you have more than one construction site, you might want to begin with the one that is in the most populated location

Securing Portable Toilets Prior to Severe Weather

It’s critical that you secure your portable toilet rental properly before the storm makes land to prevent damage to them or caused by them. You can do so by simply using the following strategies:

  • Weigh down the unit with two or more concrete blocks or sand bags placed on the floor
  • Secure the unit to a strong l-shaped structure or sturdy tree using a cable, strap, chain, or well-made rope
  • Park heavy equipment around the unit to block the storm from it
  • Whenever possible, transport the unit to a garage or place it as close as possible to a building
  • Secure the door to the portable toilet
  • Remember, if your portable unit is damaged as a result of the storm you could be liable for damages unless you purchased a Damage Waiver from your provider

If you have any additional questions regarding how to secure your portable toilet, about Damage Waivers, or if you would like to have your construction site toilet picked up before the storm, call us at 1-800-Toilets (800-864-5387).

Here are some additional emergency services and rentals offered by United Site Services.

Preparing Your Construction Site for Emergency Actions

The construction industry is often called upon to help with emergency procedures once the storm has passed. Make sure that any vehicles and equipment that might be needed have full gas tanks. Check to see that your battery-powered tools have a full charge and do the same for your flashlights.

Good luck! Stay safe, and if you need emergency assistance before, during or after the storm, give us a call at 1-800-Toilets. We are here to help.

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