Minimizing disasters: how to prepare for the ones you can see coming, and respond quickly to the surprises

NOAA says the odds are 75% that the 2018 hurricane season will be at or above average. There have been 427 confirmed tornadoes already in 2018. Heavy storms and flooding have been a fixture in the news all year. Kilauea has continued to erupt for eight weeks, changing Hawaii’s Big Island.

The point is that disasters – big and small – can happen anytime, anywhere. Some, like hurricanes and other weather-related problems, can be predicted. Others, like a major fire or accident, strike without warning. In every case, the speed and scope of your response can make a big difference in the effectiveness of your recovery.

And when you begin your disaster recovery response, don’t forget one aspect of a strong recovery that is often overlooked: proper sanitation services.

With one call, you can make sure that your responders have everything they need to keep poor sanitation from making a disaster worse.

United Site Services can be your one stop source for portable shower rentals, up to and including 53-foot shower trailers that offer private shower stalls for as many as 16 people at a time.

To prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria, United Site Services also offers standard porta-potties, heavy-duty restroom trailers that look and work like a traditional indoor restroom, and even ADA compliant portable toilets.


USS has the experience and resources to support your entire response.

In addition to portable toilets, showers, and other sanitation services, you can depend on USS, and our decades of experience helping people like you recover from all types of disasters, to quickly provide what your responders need, including:

  • Temporary power – from generators to temporary power poles, our service team can provide electricity for clean-up efforts, safety lighting, and much more
  • All types of emergency fencing – United Site Services can guarantee next day delivery (same day, in some cases) of anything from free-standing barricades to keep people away from unsafe structures and areas, to post driven chain link fence to secure recovery team work areas and equipment
  • Storage – Help displaced families gather and store their belongings, and give your first responders a secure place to keep bottled water, medical equipment, food and other essential supplies

Three more reasons to rely on United Site Services when disaster strikes.

  1. What you need, when and where you need it. We have over 90 locations across the country, stocked with over 200,000 emergency portable toilets and restroom trailers that can be delivered anywhere in the continental U.S. in 24 hours.
  2. Decades of experience. We’ve helped organizations recover from earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, industrial accidents, forest fires, and more. We know how to meet the standards of FEMA, the Red Cross, and other relief agencies.
  3. Trusted to perform. United Site Services is the ONLY company of our kind to be awarded a GSA contract to provide portable showers, restroom trailers, and other emergency portable toilet services to our federal government.

When disaster happens, don’t take chances with your response. Call United Site Services at 1-800-TOILETS to get the help you need!

Join us in supporting All Hands and Hearts Smart Response! In our work, we have often encountered this charity of more than 50,000 volunteers who provide urgent relief to communities hit by hurricanes and natural disasters. Through our employee-giving program (#USSGivesBack), we recently made a cash donation to these heroes to help them purchase a restroom trailer. We encourage you to help this deserving organization with a donation of your own!

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