MySiteServices: Your Ultimate Guide to the New United Site Services Customer Portal

We're excited to introduce MySiteServices, the revolutionary online ordering portal designed to enhance your experience with United Site Services (USS). MySiteServices is tailored to offer you a user-friendly and efficient online ordering experience, making it easier than ever to request a quote, manage your account, access invoices, view service schedules, and securely make online payments—all in one centralized platform. And best of all – you don’t have to pick up the phone!

What is MySiteServices?

MySiteServices is our new online ordering option all about making your interactions with United Site Services easy, safe and clean. For new USS customers, here's how to order:

  • Request a Quote Online:
  • Eligibility Check:
    • If your quote meets the necessary criteria (your zip code and requested products qualify), then you will be invited to complete your order through the MySiteServices portal.
  • Seamless Order Completion:
    • Dive into the MySiteServices platform and finalize your quote.
  • Secure Payment:
    • Provide your payment information using either a credit card or ACH payment.
  • AutoPay Convenience:
    • To simplify the renting process, all customers are set up with AutoPay. You’ll be billed and charged at the time of delivery.

Ordering a portable restroom through MySiteServices is more than a quick process, we have designed an Easy, Safe and Clean experience to improve your temporary site service needs. Take advantage of MySiteServices and enjoy the simplicity of streamlined orders.

Image showcasing our innovative platform on a laptop and cell phone, offering a seamless and responsive user interface for a versatile and efficient user experience across devices.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What information can I find in the portal dashboard?
    • The portal dashboard will display a summary of your account, including recent transactions, upcoming services, open quotes and site access requirements.
  • Can I request to receive invoices instead of AutoPay through the customer portal?
    • No, MySiteServices currently only supports AutoPay for all orders.
  • How can I update my contact information?
    • You can update contact information through MySiteServices, and for any existing details, contact customer support.
  • Is the customer portal mobile-friendly?
    • Yes, the customer portal is designed to be accessible and user-friendly on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Can I track the status of my service requests?
    • Yes, you can track the status of your service requests in the portal, including scheduled services and service history.
  • What should I do if I forget my password?
    • If you forget your password, use the "Forgot Password" link on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.
  • Can I download or print copies of my quotes?
    • Yes, the portal typically allows you to download and a PDF of your quotes for your records.
  • Is my information secure in the customer portal?
    • Yes, we prioritize the security of your information, employing encryption and security measures to protect your data.
  • How can I provide feedback or report issues with the portal?
    • Provide feedback or report issues by contacting our customer support team or using the designated feedback channels in the portal.

Join us in this exciting journey with MySiteServices and experience a new era of convenience in managing your portable restroom services. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we continually strive to make your experience with us Easy, Safe and Clean.


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