New Hybrid P&D trucks will improve fleet efficiency and service reliability

With almost 100 locations across the country, thousands of employees, and a business that relies heavily on trucks and other vehicles, it just makes good sense that United Site Services is always looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact. It makes even more sense when we can improve our bottom line while we do the right thing.

That’s why we were so excited to begin modernizing our fleet by introducing new, hybrid P&D trucks in our California locations in November!

A great beginning to the modernization of our entire national fleet

Because United Site Services is a national company with local roots, our people live in the communities they service. We care about what happens in those cities and towns, and we do our best to be good stewards of the environment.

As our Vice President of Fleet & Strategic Sourcing Kevin Podmore puts it, “We’ve been in business for quite a while now, and parts of our fleet are beginning to show their age.” Depending on older, less efficient trucks is not good for the environment, or for USS.

As a first step toward fleet modernization, we introduced new HINO 195h trucks at a HINO Hybrid Fleet Event in November. These trucks will be used throughout California, and United Site Services P&D techs from across the state were there to receive extensive, specialized training to ensure the most efficient vehicle operation possible. “We believe the benefits of switching to hybrid technology for our P&D trucks will be substantial,” says Podmore, “and we want to be sure our people are prepared to make the most of it.”

Each new hybrid P&D truck will be replacing a diesel-gas P&D truck with 15-20 years of service. In a great example of public-private partnership, the State of California provided grant money from a program that encourages the adoption of alternative fuel technology. “They were very helpful,” according to Podmore. “They made a good decision even easier.”

These hybrid P&D trucks will make USS’s service more reliable than ever

There are several reasons why United Site Services chose this particular model of P&D truck for their business. “Fuel efficiency is an obvious reason,” Podmore says. “We’ll see an 18-24 percent improvement in that area. We spend a lot of time navigating city spaces, and the HINO’s compact frame and body will be a big help there, too. We’re also excited about shrinking our carbon footprint through lower diesel particulate output and reduced emissions.”

Podmore is also looking forward to the fully integrated GPS reporting these modern P&D trucks offer. “First and foremost, we’re a service provider. Reliability is a core value for us. Being able to monitor vehicle health and perform maintenance before one of our trucks breaks down was a big selling point for us.”

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