North East Region S.T.I.N.G. Team Kicks Safety Into High Gear!

Friday and Saturday of last week, the North East Region took the bull by the horns! With the kick-off of an impressive team of professionals charged with the challenge to grow the safety culture to a higher level.

This dynamic team chose the powerful name of the S.T.I.N.G. team. The S-afety, T-raining, I-mproving, N-orth East, G-oals team spent a full day Saturday brainstorming, goal setting and creating a focused action plan with a goal to reduce accidents and injuries in 2013. From the T-up meeting Friday afternoon, through to the brainstorming and action planning work on Saturday, it was clear that team sponsor Ron Rotti had picked a team with fire in the belly for success. The highly driven team was off to the races from the very start, with everything from intense training to motivation of the workforce throughout the entire region. These guys were so geared for success, they couldn’t stay in their chairs! Ideas for organizational improvement flowed like water from a fire hydrant.

The action plan to achieve their goal focused mainly around two basic overshadowing theories: enhanced quality of training and raising morale within the workforce. From that basic thrust, this group built an action plan that will not only address both drives for improvement, but will also create an environment where communication within the workforce is enhanced, recognition of safe actions is rewarded, leadership qualities within the workforce are recognized, and opportunities for growth are put in place.

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