Portable Restroom Rental Cost: Four Factors That Affect the Bottom Line

porta pottyOne of the first questions customers ask when they are researching renting a portable restroom is, “how much does it cost to rent a portable toilet?” There are a few factors that need to be considered that can affect the total rental price – remember these four factors:

  1. Timing – Will pick-up be the same day as the event? On the weekends? What is the length of my event, hours, days, weeks, months? The length of time the unit will actually be in use directly affects how many you might need to order.
  2. Audience – Consider your audience, will they feel more comfortable with a flushable toilet? A flushable toilet will cost more than the non-flushable standard toilet. What is the audience size? Taking into consideration time of use and the number of guests you have will impact the number of units you will need, which impacts the overall cost.
  3. Local laws and regulations – For large events, you may need to rent ADA restrooms. The standards that have been outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act state that for single user portable toilets clustered at a single location, at least 5% but no less than one toilet unit shall be installed at each cluster. If you are on a construction job site you will need to follow OSHA’s restroom requirements for the number of toilets needed on-site.
  4. Add-ons –As we mentioned in our recent hand washing post, providing hand washing stations ensures health, safety and comfort for your guests.

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