Portable Toilet vs. Restroom Trailer – Which is Best for Your Event?

Gold restroom trailerHiring some sort of portable, temporary restroom is often the best option for a wide range of outdoor events, from family reunions to wedding receptions to sporting events to graduation parties. Today’s selection of temporary restroom options is nothing like the stereotypical portable toilets used at building sites. Consumers can now choose between large portable toilet units with sinks or restroom trailers. Knowing the different features of each option can help consumers make the best choice for their event.

First, it is important to understand the difference between portable toilets and restroom trailers. They serve the same function, but in slightly different ways. Portable toilets come in a range of styles, from the bare basics to larger and more luxurious units. Some portable toilet units include sinks. They are single, standalone units, although it is common to rent several and set them in a row. A restroom trailer is a single unit containing individual restroom stalls, usually with their own entrance. Restroom trailers also come in a range of styles from functional to fantastic. The trailers usually feature indoor lighting and sinks with running water.

When considering restroom trailers and portable toilet rental, consumers should discuss their needs with the service companies they are considering and keep some basic points in mind.

  • The duration of the event. If the units are needed for one or two days, portable toilets are probably best, but for longer term use, restroom trailers are more popular.
  • The location of the event. Some sites might be better suited to one type of portable restroom than another. It’s best to discuss this with the rental company.
  • The budget for the event. Prices vary, and may play a role in this decision.
  • The weather expected for the event. If there is a likelihood of rain, event guests will appreciate the larger restroom trailers, but if the event is planned for the middle of summer, portable toilets are a good choice.

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