Red Carpet Ready Restrooms: Award Winning Luxury Restroom Trailer Rentals

Luxury restroom trailer - red carpetAdequate restrooms are a must, whether you’re planning a ritzy formal gala, large outdoor concert, multi-day festival, or something smaller. Trends in event planning have shown that guests expect a better overall experience when it comes to on-site restrooms.

It is sometimes difficult to find just what you need, especially when comfort and class are just as much a concern as price. You could rent standard porta potties, but these will not offer the same serenity and class versus luxury restroom trailers. A luxury restroom trailer provides the security and sophistication of a home restroom with the portability factor. United Site Services offers several upscale restroom trailer options suited to different needs and budgets.

In the Gold Luxury Restroom Trailer for instance, you will find delightful features like faux marble, wood paneling and cabinetry, and real porcelain toilets in partitioned stalls. You will feel more at home with air conditioning, hot water, and concealed plumbing for a comfortable, relaxed restroom experience. Different models offer different amenities suited to your needs – the Silver Restroom Trailer, for instance, offers no-skid floors, while the deluxe Black Tie Restroom Trailer sports premium counter tops, vanity area, tile flooring, and private stalls. From the simple to the stylish, a luxury restroom trailer is always a great choice for all types of occasions.

restroom trailer rental features

For smaller events, our Porta Lisa Restroom Trailer rental in white is compact, yet stylish and roomy, accommodating up to 250 people during a 6-hour event. The Porta Lisa is perfect for a high-class outdoor wedding.

Our mobile trailers come complete with a licensed and highly-trained maintenance staff. Attention to safety and cleanliness is always a must, and USS’s pioneering 10-Point Service Plan – which includes accessible placement of facilities, deodorizer treatment, replenishment of toilet paper and hygiene products, and personalized service from a United Site Services technician – ensures consistency and quality. Renting a luxury restroom trailer (or multiple trailers) is a breeze, and you can request a free quote immediately without commitment or hassle. United Site Services can also be reached for a consultation at 1-800-TOILETS (864-5387).

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