Rent a Portable Toilet for Memorial Day Weekend Events

BBQ partyWhat a long winter it has been for most of the country. But there is good news for the weary, snow is melting and before you know it summer will be here. Can’t you almost smell the charcoal roasting on the BBQ and grass being freshly cut?

Memorial Day is a time for reflection and to honor the fallen heroes that fought for our country, but it has also become known as the weekend that kicks off summer. Friends and families get together to attend Memorial Day Parades, go to the beach, attend concerts, gather at parks, and very often throw a Memorial Day BBQ at home.

Now is a great time to start thinking about and planning your Memorial Day party.  

  • Who will you invite?
  • How many guests?
  • Co-workers, friends and family?
  • Families with kids?
  • Types of food and drinks to serve?
  • Yard games, events and activities for kids? Sprinkler, Slip-N-Slide, pool?
  • Will guests be staying at your home from out of town?
  • Are your friends and family big drinkers?

As you start thinking about the answers to these questions, it’s important to keep in mind your restroom facilities during Memorial Day Weekend. You may want to rent a portable toilet to avoid overusing your septic system, or perhaps you’ll rent a porta potty to keep guests from traipsing dirt and grass through your house. Another reason people rent portable toilets for Memorial Day parties is to give the “guys” a place to go and the ladies a different restroom option. Perhaps you’ll order one standard toilet and one portable flushing toilet for guests that appreciate the comfort of a flushing toilet. Your guests will also find a restroom outside more convenient than going into your house. It’s a win-win for both guests and hosts.

Added Bonus to Renting a Portable Toilet for Memorial Day: Portable Toilet Rentals Save Money and the Environment

Portable toilets use much less water than the gallons of water that are flushed down your toilet during a weekend event at your home. Each guest will probably flush 3 – 4 gallons of water down your toilet. If you have 100 guests, that is nearly 300 – 400 gallons of water that you will pay money for and is an environment resource waste.

How to Rent a Portable Toilet for Memorial Day Weekend, What To Expect

As you can imagine, Memorial Day weekend is a very busy weekend in the portable sanitation business. Why not call now to reserve your toilet? Or perhaps you are not quite ready yet, not even sure you are having a party. That’s ok, but try to place your order at least 2 weeks before the event to be sure your preferred toilet rental is available. If you absolutely need to wait to just a few days before, we will most likely still be able to help (we do have the largest fleet of portable restrooms in the country!) Call us at 1-800- TOILETS (800-864-5387) and we can walk you through your restroom rental options and place your order. If you are a first-time customer, a credit card or check by phone payment will be required when you place your order. Your portable restroom(s) will be delivered Friday and picked up Tuesday. It’s that easy, it’s that simple. Go ahead, place your Memorial Day porta potty rental order with United Site Services today. Your septic system, home bathroom, guests, wallet and the environment will thank you.

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