Rent Restrooms for Your Football Tailgating Party: You’ll Be the Envy of Your Neighbors

Are you ready for some football? For many football fans across the nation, football tailgating is an institution and almost as important as the game itself. Tailgating is a social event known for its tasty comfort food and ever flowing drinks. Whether you are rooting for the Patriots in New England, the Buccaneers in Tampa, the 49ers in San Francisco, the Texas Longhorns or the TCU Horned Frogs, we’ve got your portable sanitation needs covered. United Site Services has the largest inventory of portable toilets and restroom trailers, with over 60 service locations across the country from coast-to-coast, and north to south. Here are some tailgater’s insider tips for renting tailgating restrooms.Football stadium fans

Renting Portable Toilets for Tailgating at a Stadium

If you are a football fan that enjoys tailgating, you know that football fans don’t have time to spend waiting in long lines or traveling long distances to find a toilet. There is a game to watch and socializing to be done. Having your own toilet in the stadium parking lot is convenient and will please your tailgating group. Your tailgating neighbors will wish they had rented their own toilets too!

  • The placement of your portable restroom(s) is one of the first things you should consider. Depending on how large the tailgating party is, you can determine if it would be best to have a group of them in one central location or to have them scattered. Many tailgaters have their lot locations reserved in advance. It’s easy to let your restroom vendor know your assigned lot number when placing a rental order. Pro Tailgaters Insider Tip: Units placed in a bank together help alleviate long lines.
  • There are multiple restroom rental types to choose from for your tailgating event.

Deluxe Portable Restrooms – These porta potties are roomy and very popular for tailgating. This toilet rental has optional features which may include a freshwater sink operated by a sanitary, hands-free pump.

Flushing Porta Potty Rental – Consider your group, will they feel more comfortable with a flushable toilet? The flushable offers an added level of comfort and convenience for guests, including sanitary hands-free flushing via a foot-pump, and a hidden waste tank.

Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms – If your group needs a more spacious unit for guests with special needs and families, these units get rave reviews from guests and caregivers who appreciate the extra room for tending to toddlers, changing diapers, or simply keeping their kids within sight.

Restroom Trailer Rental – Restroom trailers are the “best of the best” when it comes to portable sanitation. Our tailgating restroom trailer rentals come complete with running water, hand soap, towels and interiors that provide the comforts of home. These restrooms meet the needs of even the most discerning football fans. The multiple stall units help to cut down on long lines.

Pro Tailgaters Insider Tip: Google your stadium’s tailgating rules and policies on restroom rentals and find out what is allowed and what is not before you place your restroom rental order.

Renting a Porta Potty for Football Tailgating Parties at Home

Typically, porta potty rentals for home use will be dropped off Friday and picked up Monday. Here are some benefits of renting a porta potty for your at home tailgating party:

  • Minimal to no traffic in your house means no cleaning your house the day after (it’s a win-win!)
  • Porta potty rentals save money and the environment. Portable toilets use much less water than the gallons of water that are flushed down your toilet during a weekend event at your home. Each guest will probably flush 3 – 4 gallons of water down your toilet. If you have 100 guests that is nearly 300 – 400 gallons of water that you will pay money for and is an environment resource waste.
  • Save your septic system from overuse.
  • With technology today (Direct TV/Dish TV, wireless boxes) you can easily move your lightweight flat screen TV outside to your patio where your grill is. Pro Tailgaters Insider Tip: With more room outside, you can invite more guests.

Pro Tailgaters Insider Tip: Consumption of food, liquids, beer, and other alcoholic beverages will increase restroom usage by 30-40%.

Pro Tailgaters Insider Tip: If you are unsure of how many portable toilets you should have at your tailgating party, check out our restroom rental calculator for guidance.

So before you pull out those grills, coolers, tents, heaters and TVs, don’t forget to order your tailgating portable restrooms. Contact United Site Services to order your restroom at 1-800-Toilets (800-864-5387) or request a quote online. Happy tailgating!

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