Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility at USS

high-vis safety jacketsSan Jose California – Albert Mintz and Tony Enard, both members of the Northern California Sales team, asked Amy Wilson, Region V.P of the Northwest Region, to join them as they visited the construction site of a large commercial builder and customer of USS. Amy recalls, “The day before the visit, Tony questioned me to be sure I had all my required PPE. He reminded me that I needed my safety boots, hard hat and safety glasses. When we arrived, I jumped out of the car and was immediately stopped and told by Albert, who was already suited in all his PPE prior to exiting the vehicle, to put on my hard hat!”

Amy notes, “It truly shows our safety culture is not only growing, but is respected by all groups of our workforce. Our attention to safety raises our respect of our customers’ safety culture and practices as well.” We couldn’t agree more, Amy! Setting the pace for safety is a thing of pride. Our restroom rental customers notice our culture of safety growing as well. With teammates like Albert and Tony setting the example for safety, we make a statement to our customers and everyone we meet that we are the industry leader. We pay attention to details and we place your safety and ours in front of everything we do.

Next time you see someone doing something unsafe or forgetting to wear their safety vest or gloves or hard hat, will you say something? Albert and Tony both reminded their Regional Vice President to remember her PPE. What if your boss forgets to use their PPE? Would you say something?

The dangers in the workplace do not discriminate! Everyone is susceptible to an accident or injury. Whenever you see something that appears it could be dangerous, don’t hesitate! Take action. Stop anyone taking a chance and remind them that safety is EVERYONE’S responsibility! Albert and Tony, your Safety Spot Award is on its way! Thank you for doing the right thing and for reminding your boss to be safe! Stay safe, your family needs you, and so do we!

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