Safety Means Doing the Right Thing at a Restroom Rental Company

safety logoEvery day, we make simple decisions about safety. Behind every accident or on-the-job injury, there is a story. Accidents are usually preventable – and predictable. “When we’re doing our jobs, sometimes the work becomes routine,” said Jerry Zaabel, Director of Safety. “Dangerous habits may form and a potential disaster can be the result. Simply reminding each other about the importance of safe working practices may be all it takes to avoid a disaster.”

At USS, decisions about safety are important. Associates are understanding how important they are because the numbers show that. As of December 1, 2012, United Site Services accidents and injuries were reduced by 20 percent over the previous year. Vehicle accident frequency was down 13 percent and employee injuries were down 34 percent over 2011.

These reductions show that United Site Services is developing a safety culture. A safety culture means that co-workers watch out for each other on the job and help each other out.

“As a safety culture grows, the attitude of caring for one another strengthens and a sense of pride emerges,” added Zaabel. “This pride motivates us to reach even higher. There is no limit to what we can achieve together.”

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