Securing Construction Sites with Temporary Fence

According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), residential construction site losses of heavy equipment, raw materials, office trailers, and tools account for a 1-2% increase in the cost of building a new home every year.

In another study performed by DEWALT, researchers found that more than 50% of project managers and contractors have had equipment or tools stolen in the past 12 months. Of that group, 77% said they were victims of theft up to 5 times a year in the past 3 years.

Perimeter fencing is not only the logical solution to this problem but also is typically a legal necessity for construction sites. United Site Services has been a trusted partner to project managers across the country for decades and has miles of temporary fencing available in your local neighborhood United Site Services office.



A properly deployed temporary fence rental can drastically reduce theft and vandalism on your construction site. United Site Services offers three types of temporary fence rentals:

  • Temporary Fence Panels which offer the fastest and most flexible solution to fence rental needs. These can be deployed quickly and moved easily by your crew at a moments notice. The fence panels are butted up to one another and typically are weighed down with sandbags to keep them from shifting with traffic or harsh weather.
  • Temporary Barricades offer the least security since they can easily be hopped or unlinked. However, their chief purpose is to direct pedestrian and vehicular traffic. These barricades can be set up fast and will limit exposure to liabilities from civilians or trespassers wandering onto the job site.
  • Rolled Chain Link or Post-driven Fences give you the greatest fortification of all three types of fence. They are hand-driven down at least 2 feet into the ground and can be installed in soil, asphalt, sand, and concrete for added stability.


For maximum security, you may consider upgrading your post-driven fence with an add-on such as:

  • Privacy Fencing which creates a cleaner more uniform appearance around the site and shields valuable tools, raw materials, and equipment from the view of possible thieves or trespassers.
  • Barbed Wire which provides a powerful security deterrent by giving a clear visible message to thieves and trespassers who might be thinking about hopping your fence to think twice or face serious bodily injury.


Job site security has become the number one concern of professional contractors and construction end users. The first and most simple solution to prevent theft and vandalism is with a temporary fence rental from United Site Services.

Our fence installers are highly skilled and arrive on time, every time. We store miles of fencing in local warehouses and our teams are available for same-day delivery (some restrictions apply) in most locations across the country.

If you are organizing a construction project and are in need of an affordable temporary privacy fence, please give us a call today at 1-800-TOILETS to get your free no-hassle quote.

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