Successful Live Events Start with USS

If you’ve planned a live event, you know all the hard work that goes into preparing for the big day whether it be a business conference, music festival, or even professional football game.  Regardless of the occasion, it’s critical to the success of your event that patrons and attendees have a positive and excellent experience.  This starts with providing a safe and clean environment that everyone can enjoy.

Planning Safe & Clean Events
It’s important that anyone planning events, whether indoor or outdoor, provide the required level of portable sanitation equipment including portable restrooms and sinks, plus have a service schedule to maintain a healthy, safe environment throughout the duration of your event.

This means:

  1. Providing the right amount of equipment to optimize attendee safety and drive a more positive experience.
  2. Performing more frequent cleaning of surfaces touched by event attendees.
  3. Providing stand-alone hand washing/hand sanitation stations.
  4. Ensuring areas are secured with proper temporary fencing and barricades.

United Site Services Can Help
At United Site Services (USS), we realize that portable sanitation and temporary site services have an important role to play in keeping events clean, safe, and enjoyable for attendees.  We have a proven-track record servicing all sizes of live events – from community events and business conferences to the largest music festivals in the nation.
We offer a range of portable sanitation and temporary fence solutions including portable toilets, restroom trailers, hand hygiene stations, and temporary fence.

Secure Your Event with Temporary Fence
Our temporary fence panels  can be installed around the perimeter of your event to provide extra security and help keep attendees safe. For inside your event, our temporary barricades are the ideal solution for directing crowds or sectioning-off areas.  The United Site Services fence team is made up of local background-checked technicians that utilize the finest equipment in the industry. We have experience installing thousands of feet of fence a year so you can be rest assured your temporary fence will be installed efficiently and properly.

Keep Hands Clean with Hand Hygiene Stations
Our range of hand hygiene solutions, including portable hand washing sinks and hand sanitizer stations, are an easy way to keep hands clean to prevent the potential spread of germs and bacteria both indoor and out.

Our hand washing sinks include:

  1. A foot-activated faucet that allows both hands to be washed simultaneously.
  2. The ability to wash both the hand and the forearm.
  3. Antibacterial soap, non-potable water, and paper towels.

Our hand sanitizer stations include:

  1. Hand sanitizer gel.
  2. A design providing for easy mobility and access in any location.

United Site Services’ hand hygiene stations can be placed near your event’s entry point, near food and restaurant areas, outside restrooms, and at other areas where attendees will congregate.

Provide a Comfortable Restroom Experience
United Site Services provides the highest level of safety and sanitation in our portable restroom units. All of our standard units include hand sanitizer dispensers, and all are regularly serviced using our industry-leading 10-step service process.

Our service process includes:

  1. Ensuring that the unit is on a safe, level, convenient, and accessible location.
  2. Inspection of restroom for damage or needed repairs.
  3. Pumping of all waste and debris.
  4. Spraying interior with disinfectant, then scrubbing and rinsing.
  5. Refilling holding tank with water and deodorizer.
  6. Drying toilet seat and top of holding tank.
  7. Refilling hand sanitizer dispenser.
  8. Replenishing of toilet paper.
  9. Spraying all high-touch surfaces with medical-grade disinfectant.
  10. Scanning unit QR code to track service completion.

Easy, Safe, Clean Events with USS
If you’re thinking of organizing a live event, please give us a call at 1-800-TOILETS or fill out our online form  and we’ll be very happy to discuss how we can help you run a safe and clean event that your attendees will enjoy.

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