It’s Time to Upgrade Your Sinks

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve all become more aware of how important it is to clean your hands often. In the early days of the outbreak it was nearly impossible to buy enough hand sanitizer or to find a portable sink to rent for your work site… that’s when human ingenuity took over!

Businesses that had never manufactured sanitizer before were re-tooling production lines to bottle mass quantities of hand sanitizer or face shields. And do-It-Yourself sinks were rigged up on work sites.

Sink in Field

COVID-19 is not going away but it is being managed through safety practices that have now become the new normal. One thing that will never go away is the need to wash your hands more frequently. If you were the clever inventor of a DIY sink, now is the time to call USS to help you with a more sustainable solution.

Portable Sinks

  • Provides fresh (non-potable) water and captures waste water.
  • Foot activated faucet allows both hands to be washed simultaneously.
  • Accommodates complete forearm washing
  • Stocked with antibacterial soap, non-potable water and paper towels

Portable Sink Service

When you partner with United Site Services for your sinks, you don’t have to worry about the water. During our two times per week service we will…

  • Pump, transport and dispose of the waste water
  • Refill the freshwater tank
  • Restock your supplies
  • Sanitize the unit

The health experts say you should clean your hands before and after using shared tools, after using the restroom and before every meal. How will you provide safe, clean and sustainable handwashing for the long term? Let the experts at United Site Services help – get a quote for your site today.

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