“Why is the water so blue?” Common questions and straightforward answers about renting porty pottys

There are thousands of United Site Services employees spread out across the United States. They serve tens of thousands of customers at event venues, construction sites, industrial complexes, and other settings. Our porta pottys and other products are used in all types of weather, under all kinds of circumstances.

With all that experience, we’ve heard just about any question you can imagine when it comes to renting and using porta pottys. Here are some of the more common questions we’ve gotten, along with our commonsense answers.

“What’s in the water that makes it so blue?”

That’s actually not just water you see in a porta potty. It’s also a mixture of fragrance and deodorizing agent, designed to keep the porta potty as pleasant as possible, even during periods of heavy use.

“Will a porta potty freeze in cold winter weather?”

At United Site Services we do everything we can to properly winterize our porta pottys. For starters, we use proprietary, environmentally-friendly additives that help protect against freezing without resorting to chemicals. We also take care to minimize wind exposure and keep their location clear of plowed or drifted snow.  These steps help prevent against freezing.

“How many porta pottys will I need?”

That depends on a number of different factors. Are you renting porta pottys for an event, a construction site, an industrial turnaround, or something else? How many people will be using them, and will they be men or women or a mix? How many hours a day? If it’s an event, will you be serving alcohol? These are just some of the considerations that go into making the right decision. You can use our online calculator to do some “what if” estimates.  Or, you can call 1-800-TOILETS and one of our experts can help you develop a custom solution for your exact needs.

“Do they really stay clean?”

Yes, if your provider has an effective service plan. Our unique 8 Point Service Plan ensures that your porta pottys remain clean. Our service experts will work with you to understand your needs and determine the best frequency of service.

“Where should I put my porta pottys?”

Like the “how many” question, the answer to this one is also “it depends.” You want them to be convenient, but not in the way. In addition, you’ll want them on level ground for stability.  If your site is windy, you want to try and keep your porta pottys sheltered – especially in winter. And unfortunately (but unsurprisingly), porta pottys are often targets for vandals, so you also want to put them someplace where the potential for mischief is minimized.  Our experts can help you select the best location to suit your needs.

“What kind should I rent?”

Not every vendor can give this answer but, because we’re a national organization with local roots, United Site Services can offer you a wide range of options. You can rent anything from the standard, single-person porta potty up to high-end restroom trailers with amenities that rival anything you’d find in a hotel or permanent event venue. Your choice will be driven by your needs and your budget.

“What other products should I consider?”

For a concert or sporting event, you may want to rent hand washing stations, or temporary fencing to help with access and crowd control.  At a work site, it might be wise to rent more secure fencing, a secure storage unit, roll-off dumpsters, or even a shower trailer. Your vendor should be knowledgeable enough to help you determine your needs, and flexible enough to service them for you.

Let us help! Call United Site Services at 1-800-TOILETS to get our advice on a porta potty rental and service plan that meets your needs.

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