Why the Barricade Fence Makes Sense for Your Event

When it comes to events with large crowds, it’s important to ensure security and theft deterrence for your attendees, your employees, and yourself! While hiring security personnel is an option, there are other easier, less expensive options available as well that will work for you 24/7. One of these options is Barricade Fencing.

Here at USS, we understand our customers’ needs and offer a range of fence options to choose from. And even better, when you bundle multiple services from us, you could save more on your costs. Click here to get a quote.

Barricade Fencing is a smart, viable alternative for security at an event, and is affordable and efficient. The fencing can cover as much or as little as you need, is easy to install, and is flexible in that it’s not permanent.

Check out some of the ways Barricade Fencing can help at your next event:

  • Ensures public safety with crowd control. You’ve seen temporary fencing at large venues and various public events such as parades, festivals and the like – but this type of barricade fencing also comes in useful for crowd control and safety at even small or medium-sized events.
  • Helps with parking configurations at an event or venue. Temporary fencing will help organize and steer people in the right direction regarding where they should park at said events/venues.
  • Provides pedestrian safety, and helps to direct pedestrian traffic. Similar to how temporary fencing helps with parking, it also helps guide pedestrians to safe walkways or paths surrounding or within the venue or event site.
  • Sections off any VIP areas.
  • Restricts access to any areas for an event where there is no admittance/entrance allowed.
  • Allows space for promotional purposes (hanging posters, banners, etc.)

Barricade Fencing is very flexible for multiple needs – and can be used either short-term or long-term, providing the kind of security you really can’t get with any other product. The type of fencing you need will depend on various factors, such as the type and size of the event, event location, budgets, and more.

United Site Services, the nation’s leader in portable toilet and temporary fence rental services, offers barricade fencing and many other temporary fencing options such as fencing panels, post driven fencing, privacy screens and more. Explore all our temporary fencing options, or if you are ready, get started with a quote now.

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