Winter Festival Planning: Portable Toilet Rental Tips

Thanksgiving has passed and stores are playing holiday music, selling holiday items, and promoting holiday sales. The winter/holiday season is in full swing. Whether you are planning a large outdoor holiday event, New Year’s Eve celebration for a major city or a winter festival at a ski resort, you need to start planning your event now.

One of the most often overlooked aspects of event planning is assessing your portable sanitation needs well in advance of your event. It is critical that you offer your guests safe, clean, and comfortable toilets. Advanced planning will help you accomplish this.

If you are planning any of the following holiday events, you will need a portable restroom when permanent restrooms are not available:

  • Municipal First Night Celebration (New Year’s Eve Celebration)
  • Public Outdoor Ice Skating
  • Outdoor Hockey Games
  • Winter Carnival
  • Holiday Lights Event
  • Santa’s Village
  • Winter Festival

Portable restroom planning steps to help you get started:

Step 1: Answer the following planning questions.

  • How long will my event run in terms of hours or days?
  • How many guests can I expect?
  • Will alcohol be served?
  • Will there be more females than males?
  • What type of portable restroom will my guest expect?
  • Should I order hand wash sinks or hand sanitizers to protect guests from illness?
    • Tip: In cold climates, waterless instant hand sanitizers are a perfect alternative to hand washing as they are alcohol based and will not freeze.
  • Do I need any temporary fencing to direct crowds and mark off VIP areas?
  • Will my guests prefer the comforts of home offered by a restroom trailer?
  • Would a basic non-flushing portable toilet be sufficient or should I upgrade to a flushing porta potty? (If you are not sure, our event planning experts can work with you to determine the best portable toilets for your event)

Step 2: Use a restroom planning calculator to calculate the exact number of toilets you need to order for your event.

Step 3: Contact a portable toilet rental company and begin working with an event planning specialist. If you do your homework, planning your rental should be seamless.

With over 25 years experience, United Site Services provides competitive pricing, immediate delivery and superior service for portable restroom rentalssink rentalshand sanitizer stationsrestroom trailersshower trailerstemporary power, crowd control fence and event barricades for all your winter events.

Special Tip: Customers often ask if the waste water will freeze during their winter event in the cold temperatures. Make sure your vendor has experience working in these conditions. Here at United Site Services we have tested many ecologically friendly anti-freeze options to keep the water from freezing in the tanks. We have developed the perfect anti-freeze mixture to keep the water fluid and unfrozen while ensuring that it’s acceptable at waste water facilities.

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