Youth Sports Organizers: Selecting the Right Porta Potty Rental

Running youth sports leagues come with a variety of challenges, but proper sanitation shouldn’t be one of them. United Site Services has over 90 locations all across the country and specializes in providing portable restroom solutions to sporting events of all sizes including youth sports games, championships, and practices.

United Site Services caters to all sports programs ranging from youth, high school, and even collegiate sports. Some more popular sports programs we cater to include:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball, Softball, & T-Ball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Lacrosse & Field Hockey
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Running & Cross Country

Choosing the Best Porta Potty Rental for Your Organization

Determining the Quantity of Restrooms Needed

Just to be on the safe side, we always recommend at least 1 restroom for every 100 people. However, a tournament or event is more comfortable with at least 1 restroom for every 35 people. Especially, if that is an all-day event or if they are serving food and beverages at a snack bar or to the athletes on site.

Determining Placement of Restrooms

Properly accommodating outdoor tournaments and practices can be tricky. Usually, they call for large fields or an entire sports complex which can create a logistical issue of where to place restrooms so that it is convenient for every team and fan in attendance to access them. Additionally, it has to be in a place where the service truck can unload, service, and pick them up.

Typically, we suggest not placing all restrooms in one central location. Doing so creates long walks for people in certain areas of larger complexes. Instead, we suggest spreading the restrooms out evenly throughout the fields or in multiple areas of a sports complex.


Selecting Your Restroom Rental Type

You can’t go wrong when selecting portable restroom solutions from United Site Services, but some of our options cater better to certain situations.

We have budget-friendly options in the form of Standard & Deluxe porta potties. Many locations require at least one ADA Accessible porta potty be present to comply with local, state, and federal laws. ADA accessible restrooms are enlarged to provide access to those with wheelchairs and are a favorite among families with small children so parents can assist them comfortably.


Selecting Your Service Frequency

United Site Services is the  #1 leading provider of portable bathrooms in the United States because our delivery and service technicians have a strong attention to detail. They follow a rigorous 8-point service plan that guarantees your restroom rentals are delivered in pristine working condition and are kept sanitary and fresh throughout the duration of your practices and games.

For the majority of sports organizations, a 1x a week servicing schedule is plenty sufficient. Mainly because most sports teams have a higher weekend use and lower weekday use. If your team or practice field rotates sports or teams and is also heavily utilized during the week as well, you may wish to consider additionally weekly cleanings to ensure the restrooms are adequately stocked, clean, and fresh for all the days when your fields are in use. We recommend planning ahead for larger events like tournaments by requesting additional servicing beforehand.


Simple Upgrade with Big Impact

Youth sports games and practices can easily become an all-day affair and a little restroom upgrade can go a long way to making athletes and fans as comfortable as possible.

You may consider adding a flushing portable restroom to give everyone an added level of comfort. Flushing units have a hidden waste tank which keeps the unit smelling fresh for longer and come standard with a hands-free hand wash station for added cleanliness.

A real game changer would be upgrading to one of our luxurious restroom trailers. They are fully upgraded with flushing toilets, a comprehensive lighting system, air conditioning & heat, and variable water temperature full-size sinks.

When selecting the right sanitation solution, you can rest assured that United Site Services has your back.

To learn more about our portable restroom solutions or to get a quote, call us now at 1-800-TOILETS or click here to submit a quote request.

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